Last month, China's government dismissed repeated complaints by Taiwan about the balloons, saying they are for meteorological purposes and should not be hyped up for political reasons.

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The five firms are GGV Capital, GSR Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Sequoia Capital China and Walden International.

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Between 2022 and 2023, the value of goods imported to the US from Mexico increased by almost 5%, up to over $475 billion, according to the Commerce Department. Chinese imports fell 20% in the same time period, to $427.2 billion, just slightly above Canada.

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With defaults now plaguing the industry, this could spell trouble for the country's broader economy. The real-estate sector makes up about a quarter of the country's GDP and 70% of household wealth.

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It follows years of arbitrary detention and a closed trial and it is not evidence of any wrongdoing but really of Beijing's corrupt and opaque criminal justice system.


Democratic and self-ruled Taiwan has never been part of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), but Beijing considers Taiwan to be part of its territory and has not ruled out using force to bring the island under its control. In his new year speech, Chinese President Xi Jinping called Taiwan’s unification with mainland China “inevitable”. “In addition to the anticorruption effort, it is a purge,” Wu told Al Jazeera. “Xi Jinping is strengthening his hold over the military and sending a signal to all those that are not completely aligned with him that they might be next and therefore should be afraid,” he said. Wu described the use of fear as a tool employed to try to secure loyalty in China’s authoritarian state structure where a lack of oversight and transparency can easily result in corruption and poor governance. Since Xi came to power in 2012, several anticorruption campaigns have resulted in purges throughout the Chinese state apparatus.

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Beijing has repeatedly refused to rule out taking Taiwan by force, while the Australian government’s longstanding position is to oppose “any unilateral change to the status quo across the Taiwan Strait”. Xiao also offered the most gloomy public assessment by a Chinese official to date on the prospects for release of Yang, an Australian writer and avowed democracy activist who was detained in China in January 2019 and charged with espionage later that year.


Chinese officials had characterized the election as a choice for Taiwan between peace and war. But it is mainland Chinese nationalists who seem to listening to that message. In interviews with VOA, mainland Chinese reacted to the election result with calls for China to make good on its threat to force Taiwan’s reunification.


Mr Xi's latest comments are in line with China's long-standing policy towards unification, but the message struck a more strident tone than the one Mr Xi gave last year, where he called "people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait... members of one and the same family".