From sports to entertainment to politics, several prominent Americans have kissed the ring of Xi Jinping.

The People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) had launched a wave of similar incursions in early October. This latest provocation included 18 fighters, 6 bombers, and an aerial refueling aircraft. The PLAAF is currently working to improve its aerial refueling capabilities. Chinese public opinion and political rhetoric have become increasingly bellicose in recent months, according to The New York Post, with some observers fearing that the People's Republic may be laying the groundwork for an invasion of Taiwan, which Beijing regards as a rebel province. The opinion, long-held by many foreign policy experts, that China would prefer to wait for conditions more favorable to peaceful reintegration is seemingly becoming less tenable as the nation has recently "ratcheted up military threats against the self-governing island," wrote in October.

China routinely denounces visits by U.S. politicians to Taiwan, and its foreign ministry said it had made a formal complaint to Washington about the latest trip by the bipartisan congressional group, saying playing the Taiwan card was "a losing hand". Meeting Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen at her office earlier on Friday, the leader of the U.S. delegation praised the island as a "force for good" in the world. "Madame President, I want to commend and praise your leadership. Under your administration, the bonds between us are more positive and productive than they have been for decades," said Mark Takano, chairman of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, whose group was previously in Japan and South Korea. "Our commitment to Taiwan is rock solid and has remained steadfast as the ties between us have deepened. Taiwan is a democratic success story, a reliable partner and a force for good in the world," he added.

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Five U.S. lawmakers met with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen on Friday in a surprise one-day visit intended to reaffirm America's “rock-solid” support for the self-governing island Rep. Mark Takano said the U.S. relationship with Taiwan is “rock solid and has remained steadfast as the ties between us have deepened.”

Experts say discontent has simmered for decades between the two islands, mainly over a perceived unequal distribution of resources and a lack of economic support that has left Malaita one of the least-developed provinces in the island nation. There has also been lingering dissatisfaction in Malaita over the central government’s decision in 2019 to switch diplomatic allegiances to Beijing from Taipei, Taiwan, a self-governing island that China claims as its territory. Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused Beijing of bribing Solomons politicians to abandon Taipei in the run-up to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China under the Communist Party.

Dimon may have felt an apology was necessary, given that JPM has a $20 billion exposure to China, according to Bloomberg’s calculation based on JPM filings. “I regret my recent comment because it’s never right to joke about or denigrate any group of people, whether it’s a country, its leadership, or any part of a society and culture,” Dimon said.

The Halifax forum recently announced it will hold an assembly in Taiwan for the first time from Jan. 21 to 23, 2022—just weeks ahead of the Beijing Olympics.

The IOC has vaulted itself from silence about Beijing’s abysmal human rights record to active collaboration with Chinese authorities in undermining freedom of speech and disregarding alleged sexual assault

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