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Nearly one in 25 people in a county in the Uyghur heartland of China has been sentenced to prison on terrorism-related charges, in what is the highest known imprisonment rate in the world, an Associated Press review of leaked data shows.

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Meanwhile, China refused to join the summit, due to Taiwan’s presence by U.S. invitation. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian (趙立堅) said during a press conference on Friday (May 13), that China was “unable” to attend the event due to the U.S.’ “disregard for China’s solemn stance” and going against the "one-China policy concensus." Zhao claimed that China “ensured the stability of the global anti-pandemic supply chain” by providing protective suits, tests, and masks. However, the global community quickly realized their sup-par quality, per an earlier report by the LA Times.

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As of early May, the KQ-200 is back in its usual “hunting grounds” at the critical maritime choke points. The increased use of ASW helicopters and surface ships alongside the dedicated fixed-wing ASW platform points to an intensified PLA anti-submarine training in and around the Bashi Channel and the Philippine Sea. It will be important for us to continue monitoring developments in the PLA’s antisubmarine warfare capabilities and training, a known capability gap, which is being addressed with growing vigor.

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“Neither Beijing nor Washington is likely to have the upper hand after the first week of the conflict, suggesting that it would eventually become a protracted conflict,” NBC News cited CNAS experts as saying. “The war game demonstrated how quickly the conflict may escalate, with China and the United States crossing red lines.” This could end with China resorting to nuclear force, according to U.S. officials, who also feel this is a step that Russia could yet take in its conflict with Ukraine.


One may also argue that Beijing might be encouraged to take advantage of the West’s preoccupation with Eastern Europe and possibly reluctance to oppose Russia and China simultaneously. In this light, of course, ongoing tensions in Ukraine would justify a deal between Russia and China to allow Russia to circumvent Western sanctions and set the stage for China’s possible invasion of Taiwan. The current global situation will soon hit the well-performing Taiwanese economy. Thanks to its free-market approach, Taiwan is a success story. It features an impressive growth record and low inflation (the government predicts 2 percent in 2022, up from 1.6 percent in 2021). Taiwan is a world player in electronics (microchips), a significant machinery exporter and a major destination for high-tech foreign direct investments. For the Taiwanese, heightened tensions threaten its robust trade with mainland China and Hong Kong, which absorb about 50 percent of the island’s exports. A political crisis will force the Taiwanese to direct more resources to the defense industry, while future investments by domestic and international actors will be threatened. Growth can suffer. In short, independence is expensive even without overt aggression.


Marcos, the son and namesake of the country's former dictator, has long-standing ties with China and is seeking a new deal with Chinese ruler Xi Jinping


“From now on, people who live on the same floor (as Covid cases) must be transported (into quarantine),” a police officer says in the video. “It’s not that you can do whatever you want – unless you’re in America. This is China,” another police officer says sternly, waving a bottle of disinfectant in his hand. “Stop asking me why. There is no why. We have to obey our country’s regulations and epidemic control policies.”

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Defense Department report cites examples of U.S. government financing of small businesses it says benefited Chinese interests