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‘China will beat Russia in war’: Bizarre article goes viral after 8 years

‘China will beat Russia in war’: Bizarre article goes viral after 8 years

‘China will beat Russia in war’: Bizarre article that also talks about reunifying Taiwan, taking Arunachal Pradesh from India goes viral after 8 years

By Wion Team
13 September 2021

Reports say an article published by a Chinese website eight years ago has gone viral in the Communist nation which detailed future wars with Taiwan, Russia and India.

Beijing-based website Sohu, which is widely known for Chinese government propaganda, had published a bizarre article in 2013 which serialized wars China would likely engage in from 2020 to 2060. The article has taken Chinese social media by storm amid the country’s current tensions in the South China Sea and Taiwan.

The report said China will engage in “reconquest” of “Southern Tibet” which China uses to denote India’s Arunachal Pradesh which has a border with Tibet. The report claimed China will be at war with India between 2035-40.

The report openly suggests the Chinese could incite disintegration of India as a strategy and if it fails then it could provoke conditions for an India-Pakistan war over Kashmir and takeover Arunachal Pradesh when Indian forces are distracted with their neighbor.

The Sohu report also maintains the country would first go to war with Taiwan between 2020 and 2025 to “unify” it with the mainland while sending the Taiwan government an “ultimatum” in 2020. It describes war with Taiwan as a “three-month ordeal” without the US and Japan’s intervention.

China’s President Xi Jinping had earlier threatened Taiwan with “consequences” amid its growing closeness with the United States and the repeated arms sale by the US government to the island nation. Xi had said Taiwan could be unified with China by force “if necessary”. China has consistently maintained that Taiwan is a breakaway province and it would ultimately be unified with the country.

The South China Sea region is also on top of the Chinese agenda, according to the report. In 2025, after annexing Taiwan, China would seek to “reconquer” the Spratly Islands and send warnings to countries who claim the areas in the disputed territory.

The report claimed the US will not directly confront China but will push Vietnam and the Philippines to take on the Communist nation’s powerful army since the US would have learnt from their inventions in Taiwan, it claimed. The report said China will set a “deadline” of 2028 before starting the war.

The Sohu report also mentioned China’s ambitions in the Senkaku Islands with the start of the “fourth war” between 2040 to 2045 and conflict over Outer Mongolia from 2045 to 2050.

In the end, China will finally go to war with Russia from 2055-2060, the report said and will reclaim lost territories. The report said PLA will be able to beat the Russian forces.


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