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US to Gain Military Access in North Philippines Near Taiwan

US to Gain Military Access in North Philippines Near Taiwan

US to Gain Military Access in North Philippines Near Taiwan

By Andreo Calonzo and Ditas Lopez
22 March 2023

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said the US will gain expanded access to military sites in northern Philippines close to Taiwan, as well as in Palawan province near South China Sea, paving the way for greater American presence in key locations as tensions with Beijing linger.

Marcos said at a televised briefing on Wednesday that the four additional sites under the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement are “scattered around the Philippines” and will be identified once formalized with the US.

The new sites are meant to “defend” the main Luzon island’s eastern coast as well as some areas in the south, the president said. Local politicians who initially opposed the sites have “come around to support” the plan to expand US access after talks with the national government, he added.

Regional countries “should stay vigilant and should not be used by the US side,” China Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said Wednesday. “The US, out of its zero sum mentality, has built up its military capacity, which jeopardizes the regional peace and stability,” the Chinese official said at a regular press briefing in Beijing.

The US last month secured access to four more Philippine military sites amid continued tensions with Beijing over Taiwan and the South China Sea. China has criticized the plan, with its embassy in Manila describing it as part of US’ attempt to “encircle and contain” Beijing.

Marcos has been bolstering his nation’s longstanding defense alliance with the US that was strained under his predecessor Rodrigo Duterte. The US and the Philippines are planning joint patrols in the disputed sea, and are scheduled to hold bigger military drills next month. Their top defense officials and diplomats are also set to meet in Washington mid-April.



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