June 19, 2024

The Bullet-Proof Man – Taiwan

The Bullet-Proof Man – Issue #1 Teaser

By Enemy of The 610


A super legal secretive government police program is deployed to root out dissidence and subversion of its authoritarian ruler from the mainland. Notorious for its brutality, mass executions, and torture, the 610 Agency is the most feared entity in all of East Asia. Threatened from the implications to its authoritarian rule, the 610 Agency is provided an unrestricted budget to stamp out those who promote liberal democratic ideas in which members of the Agency act with impunity. In the once sprawling nation of Taiwan, now under the spell of authoritarian sabotage and a quasi-government takeover, the Agency is tasked with eliminating the last remaining cell of pro-democracy activists in the country. Led by its main protagonist, Mr. Johnny Chen, this group represents the country’s last voice of freedom; but it has been brutally persecuted and is on the brink of collapse.
But what the 610 Agency didn’t realize… is that Mr. Chen is… THE BULLET-PROOF MAN.


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